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sound designer and self-taught pianist Lauri des Marais

NMC Showcase – Five Innovative Artists

Saturday, December 4, 2010 7:30 pm
Steinberg Auditorium at Washington University

    This concert is an opportunity to experience the creativity of five innovative regional artists as they present individual sets of recent work.
  • Eric Hall (electronics and processed instruments) is a composer, improviser, producer, and performer of electronic-based music, as well as an installation artist and DJ.
  • Zlatko Ćosić is an experimental filmmaker and video artist.
  • Lauri des Marais is a self-taught pianist who has a large body of work that includes solo piano, electronic ambience and avant garde arrangements.
  • Baba Mike Nelson – Sound artist and vocalist who works with indigenous instruments, fusing a genre bending meld of Asian, and African music with American sounds.
  • Ron Coulter is a percussionist, composer and sound artist who works with self-built instruments, an array of electronic effects and unusual sound sources.

Steinberg Auditorium at Washington University
Forsyth at Skinker