Bloom Project – Thollem Mcdonas & Rent Romus

Saturday, January 22, 2011, 7:30 pm
Kranzberg Arts Center
501 N. Grand

Bloom Project duo Thollem McDonas and Rent Romus

Bloom Project is a spirited collaboration between pianist Thollem McDonas and saxophonist producer Rent Romus. McDonas has logged thousands of miles touring throughout world performing his unique brand of compositional improvisation with eighteen recordings spanning eight recording labels. Romus has released over twenty three recordings and built a community infrastructure in the San Francisco Bay Area as the owner of Edgetone Records and the Executive Director of Outsound.

Bloom Project features free improvisations as well interpretations of textual and graphical scores. The music is an organic construction and expression that combines disparate and divergent stylistic histories with a sense of refreshing immediacy, intensity, and spontaneous inventiveness.